How can I modify my ticket to Corsica / Sardinia?

First of all check if you have booked a Jackpot fare. If this is the case it cannot be modified. You may modify other types of ticket using your reservation number (see below).
For any modification of standard tickets, for the modification of your vehicle registration number as well as possible fare differences a modification fee of €30 per sailing will be charged.
For Corsica Club members with Gold status all modifications are free. You may also change dates and modify or add any service you wish (subject to availability) and pay directly with your credit card.

Where can I change my ticket at the last minute?

First of all, you need to check the fare conditions of your ticket to ensure that it is modifiable.
You may change your ticket online by giving the ticket number or the name of the ticket holder. Should you be unable to change your ticket online, you may do so at the port of departure or at one of our drive-in mobile sales counters .
You may also change the date, time or destination of a crossing and change, add or delete the service of your choice (according to availability). Any differences in fare may be paid directly by credit card.

Will I receive my ticket once I have paid?

No, you won’t receive a ticket; you will receive an email confirming your purchase and giving you a reservation number and travel summary.
You will then be able to check in and obtain your boarding pass 7 days before departure.
Do not worry if you can’t check in online; you will be checked in automatically prior to departure and you will receive an email indicating how to download your boarding card. [/FAQ]

Is it possible to modify the surname or first name of a passenger on the ticket?

You may correct your contact details (mail, telephone, town, postal code or country), your date of birth and nationality as well as surnames and first names. A maximum of 4 characters may be corrected. Your contact details may be corrected once only. Any correction is subject to a fee of €8.
It is not allowed to modify the surname or first name of one or more passengers (see General Terms and Conditions /Choice of fares/Amendments Article 8). Information concerning names on a ticket cannot be modified under any circumstances. If you want to change a surname or first name a new ticket has to be issued.

How can I cancel my ticket to Corsica?

You may cancel your ticket using your reservation number (see below).

Special offer tickets or standard fares will not be refunded in case of a full or partial cancellation.
Tickets booked as Flex fares or resident fares can be modified and are subject to the following conditions in case of a partial or full cancellation of the ticket (reimbursement is based on the ticket price excluding fees /taxes):
- 10% up to 1 month prior to departure,
- 20% up to 48 hours prior to departure,
- 50% up to the boarding deadline,
- 100% for tickets cancelled after the boarding deadline (1 hour prior to departure) or after check-in. The original tickets then become invalid. For the cancellation of tickets after the date was modified the first date will be considered.
If a ticket has been either fully or partly cancelled and the taxes (port, regional and safety taxes) reimbursed, a cancellation fee of €3,50 per sailing will be charged.
All claims for refunds must be sent by email stating the ticket number.
Tickets paid by credit card on the website or by phone will be reimbursed to the credit card used for the purchase. Tickets paid for by cheque, cash or at ticket offices will be reimbursed by bank transfer (please indicate your bank details).
Application for reimbursement should be made within 2 months from the scheduled date of the journey.
Reimbursement for tickets bought in travel agencies has to be claimed with the agency who will process the claim.

Is online payment of the ticket secure?

The credit card payment of your ticket on our website is secured (transactions are secured by SSL).

I would like to change the vehicle on my ticket; what should I do?

If the new vehicle belongs to the same category as the old vehicle, you do not need to change your ticket
If you had planned on travelling with a Category A vehicle (less than 4 metres long, 1m90 high and 2m wide) and your vehicle turns out to be bigger you must modify your ticket accordingly (subject to availability) and pay the difference.
If you had planned on travelling with a Category B vehicle (between 4.01 and 5 mètres long) and your vehicle turns out to be smaller you do not need to modify your ticket and the fare difference is not reimbursed (see our General Conditions).
If you need to add an element such as a roof box or a bike carrier to your vehicle you will need to modify your ticket
If you are travelling to or from Sardinia, you will need to supply your licence plate number. If you need to change your ticket you will also need to supply the new licence plate number.
You can change vehicle categories using your reservation number.

How do I add my pet to my reservation?

You can add your pet to your ticket by clicking on « Passengers » and adding your pet (you will need your reservation number to do so).

Is it possible de modify a passenger’s surname or first name on a ticket?

Ferry crossing tickets are not transferable and the modification of a passenger’s surname or first name is not authorized (see our General Conditions). Consequently, any name change will necessitate the purchase of a new ticket. The original ticket may be reimbursed according to its fare conditions.

Where do I address my request for reimbursement of a ticket or credit note?

You must first cancel your ticket online, and then send your request for reimbursment using the contact form.
Your request must be accompanied by your ticket number
Your refund request must reach us within 2 months of the crossing departure date. No refunds will be made after this date.

How do I get a refund on tickets bought through a travel agency?

If your ticket was bought through a travel agency, we cannot reimburse you directly and any request for a refund must be addressed to the travel agency (see our General Conditions).
You will find the agency details on your ticket or written confirmation.

I have reserved a special offer ticket but now need to cancel/modify it for reasons beyond my control. Is it possible to do so?

If the ticket you have reserved is a non-modifiable, non-reimbursable special offer, no changes or refunds may be made for any reason whatsoever (see our General Conditions).
Should you no longer be able to travel on the scheduled date, you will need to buy a new ticket online for your rescheduled dates.

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