Is it possible to add 2 cars or motorcycles to my reservation?

It is not possible to add more than 1 car, motorcycle or bicycle to a reservation. Only one vehicle can be booked per ticket: i.e. if you are 2 passengers with 2 motorcycles you need to book a ticket for each passenger.

What do I have to do if I have a trailer or roof rack attached?

Trailers or roof racks (bicycle, box etc.) have to be registered during the booking process for the vehicle. The exact dimensions must be entered in the relevant fields.

Shipping a vehicle without a driver?

If you want to ship a vehicle without a driver you need to contact our freight service.

I'm travelling with a camper van/ caravan. May I take gas cylinders with me?

You are allowed to carry up to 3 gas cylinders with butane/propane gas for lighting, heating and cooking in your car. The total weight, however, is limited to 47 kg.

How can I find out to which category my vehicle belongs?

While booking, enter "vehicle" and search under "brand and model" for your car category.

I am travelling with a trailer/caravan, how should I make my reservation?

The « towed/trailer vehicles » section is reserved for trailers or caravans.
As with towing vehicles, it is essential to give overall dimensions of length and height (including accessories). When calculating length, please include the length of the towbar.
Please note that, given that space is limited on our car decks, boarding may be refused if the proper dimensions of your vehicles are not given when making your reservation.

Am I allowed to embark with a LPG-fueled vehicle?

Yes, it is possible to travel with a LPG-fueled vehicle but you must go into petrol mode and let boarding personnel know so that you may be parked in a specific area.

Is my child allowed to travel alone?

Children of less than 16 years of age may not travel unaccompanied by an adult and must be in the care of their parents or another responsible adult at all times.
Children of 16 years and older may travel alone if carrying a signed parental liability waiver. Under no circumstances may the company be held responsible for the child’s welfare.

I am a person with restricted mobility or I am travelling with a person of restricted mobility. What should I do when making my reservation?

When making your reservation you need to ask for assistance (tick the ‘Assistance Required’ box) and then make your presence known to boarding staff on the day of departure. You will be asked to switch on your warning lights and the on-board personnel will be informed of your arrival. You will be given a parking space near to a lift.
Our vessels are equipped with cabins reserved for people of reduced mobility. These have easy wheelchair access and are equipped with adapted bathrooms. On board ship, lifts give access to the cabins and upper decks.

I am travelling with a dog; what is the procedure?

You need to declare your pet when making your reservation and pay for the crossing (from 19€ per crossing). All dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash on board.
You must also carry your pet’s European passport (showing up-to-date vaccinations) with you. For all travel outside France but within the European Union dogs, cats and ferrets travelling with their owners or for commercial reasons must:
- be older than 15 weeks,
- be identified (electronic identification or a clearly visible tatoo (if prior to 03/07/2011),
- have their rabies vaccination up to date,
- have a European passport provided and filled out by a vet.

On board your pet may accompany you throughout the journey. We inform you that it is strictly forbidden to leave your dog in your vehicle for the crossing (mortal danger)
An area for your animal’s needs is provided on each vessel and information to its whereabouts can be found at reception
For further information, please consult our ‘Dogs on board’ section.

I am travelling with a cat or other small animal; what is the procedure?

You need to declare your pet when making your reservation and pay for the crossing. The animal must be kept in a cage or pet carrier and remain close to you at all times. We inform you that it is strictly forbidden to leave your pet in your vehicle during the crossing (mortal danger).
An area for your animal’s needs is provided on each vessel and information to its whereabouts can be found at reception

I don’t yet know whether I will be travelling with my pet or not. Can I reserve my pet’s crossing at a later date?

Yes, absolutely, you can add your pet to your ticket at any time before departure.

Is it necessary to reserve a cabin or a seat for the crossing?

We advise you to reserve a cabin or a seat for your comfort. If you haven’t done so, you may add a cabin or a seat to your reservation at any time before your departure (subject to availability). modify your ticket or at the ship’s reception on the day of departure.
Passengers who do not have a cabin or Pullman seat may use the ship’s public areas (the sundeck, self-service café etc.) within the limits of the space available. However, these seats may not be reserved and certain areas may shut at midnight.

I am travelling with my baby, will there be a cot in the cabin?

Cots may be hired for €7 on board all our vessels (with the exception of the PASCAL LOTA). Cots cannot be reserved in advance and are therefore subject to availability.
You may also bring your own cot. However, some cabins do not have the room to set up a cot.
If necessary, you may contact the information desk once on board where our staff will do its utmost to satisfy your request.

We are travelling with 2 motorbikes and would like to reserve a single cabin for 4 people. What is the procedure?

If travelling with 2 motorbikes, 2 separate reservations must be made.
If you would like to reserve a single cabin for four people and a 2-berth cabin is automatically suggested, please tick the ‘add additional passengers’ box and then choose a 4-berth cabin.

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