If I have to cancel my ticket, what are the advantages of Allianz Travel insurance?

Should you have to cancel your ticket, Corsica Ferries will partially reimburse Flex tickets(see general terms).
Standard or special offer tickets are not reimbursed.
Standard tickets may be modified for a €30 fee plus any price difference between the original and modified tickets
Should you opt for cancellation insurance, Allianz Travel will cover the ticket according to the contract conditions
However, the insurance premium can under no circumstances be reimbursed in case of cancellation.
Allianz Travel also offer assistance, repatriation and luggage warranties.

I have already reserved my ticket and would like to add an insurance option; is this possible?

It is not possible to add an insurance option once your ticket has been confirmed.
When buying your ticket, you have to click on either ‘accept’ or ‘refuse’ for the insurance option. If you refuse a red warning message alerts you to the fact that you have refused the insurance option together with its advantages.
Consequently, Allianz Travel cannot add an insurance option subsequently on the grounds of a mistake or oversight.

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